How To Dress For Work

Dressing is an important element to show your professionalism at work. It will make your personality grow and allow people to connect with you quite comfortably particularly if you are doing a job something relegated to the sales or customer service department.  Office attire mainly depends on the environment and the culture around, there are possibly two ways for getting dressing up your work either formally or casually. Here in our guide where had discussed breezily how to dress from head to toe to nailed office style.

For Formal Business

Go With the Suit

suit at work

Suit is the first thing comes in everyone’s mind immediately while talking about formal attire for men. But keep in mind that suit only looks good when it is made for you, it means wearing a loose jacket with baggy pants will take out all charm in your personality. Similarly going with too much fit will make you look sloppy and difficult to concentrate at work. Suit isn’t only option to wear, you can a nicely fitted blazer but only if it is one of conservative colors including black, navy blue, and gray suit.



Attiring a waistcoat is the another good option after suit and blazers to wear at work. It might be a good option to show your sophisticated style but only possible if environment of your office allow. You can also wear a waistcoat with your suit for something like a special day where you are going to attend meeting or giving a presentation to your seniors.

Dress Shirt For Suit

Dress shirt suit

If you are about to wear a shirt under your jacket than spread collar is recommendable. The front part of your shirt will be visible only that’s it is important to keep it neat and clean. You must have to wear a full sleeve shirt while wearing under your jackets, because half sleeves would be a bit informal.  When it comes the colors of your shirt, the white and cornflower blue color could be the best option to wear.

Accessories For Formal


Tie is your premium accessory for wearing a suit, there isn’t a problem trying different knots, the only thing you have to take care is the color and pattern of your tie. You are not suppose to wear loud color or pattern tie with your decent suit, you have to choose solid colors to compliment it with your suit:

For Casual Business:

Simple Dress Shirt

dress shirt

It doesn’t mean to wear a T-shirt or jeans pants if you are working in a non professional organization. You can wear a full or half sleeves shirt with nice dressing slacks. But there are some points you should keep in mind. Firstly you have to avoid a heavy pattern and logo shirts, it should be steamed, and must tucked in your pants.

Cardigan or Sports Jacket


You can wear a appropriate and decent cardigans with traditional colors including black, navy, or brown. You can put your cardigan or sweater over your dress shirt, but make sure it should have long sleeves.  Wearing a tie is optional to wear with sweater.

Dressing Pants

khaki pants

As we mentioned earlier that causal doesn’t mean sloppy. You can’t go at work wearing baggy jeans. There couple of couple options for trousers to. You can match your slacks with the color of your blazer to get a decent look, but if you are going wearing a cardigan than there isn’t anything wrong with khakis.

Accessories For Casual

brown shoes

Wearing always black will be too much formal, therefore you can try different color including navy or brown particularly with khaki pants. And if you are deciding to wear a belt with class then it would be great to match with your slacks and footwear.

Top 5 James Bond Fight Scenes

James Bond action sequences

The James Bond franchise as we all know famous for many of his reason including spectacular gadgets, beautiful cars, gorgeous women, martins and many sensational characters. But since it is a spy franchise that’s why you can’t expect it without stunning action and fighting sequences.  In each 007 movie there is some point where Bond comes across to the bad guys and try different fighting techniques to dispatch his opponents. Over his 50 years of dazzling carrier Bond has punched, kicked, fired different of his enemies in variety of actions sequels, and today we are going to list the best actions moments of the franchise.

The Orient Express Fighting Scene

James Bond vs Red Grant

The Mi6 agent made his appearance of in many of fighting scene and killed many of the villains with his cool style, but nothing action sequel was that much thrilling and spectacular as we have seen in the second installment “From Russia With Love” where Sean Connery was playing the role of 007 agent come across with SPECTRE agent Robert Shaw, who had killed many of the people. This time his aim was to kill Bond, it is one of the most realistic fighting scene where both agent were grouching each other and audience were guessing that whether the super spy will be able to defeat Donald or not . But thanks to Q branch brief case which help Bond to defeat him throwing tear gas on his face

Casino Royale Parkour Chase

casino royale parkour scene

Daniel Craig stepped in Bond’s well worn shoes and made his first appearance in the Casino Royale. The film started with epic scene where Bond was spotted chasing a bomb makes Mollaka. It was one of the best scenes of the 007 spy series in terms of chasings, stunts and fight. Mollaka chooses parkour construction area  to escape but Bond keep chasing him. After some hand to hand combat he is able to run away but finally captured then killed by Bond at Nambutu Embassy.

Goldfinger – The Fort Knox Fight

James Bond vs Oddjob

Another sequel taken from the Connery era, this time from Goldfinger where Bond faces one of the strongest villain, the body guard of Goldfigner. Oddjob able to knock Bond all over the room easily, and for Bond it is the first priority to defuse the bomb but his muscular opponent wasn’t allowing him to move an inch, he only scared when Bond tries to kill him with this own razor blade hat but misses unfortunately. Now Oddjob only needs to hold back his hat and kill Bond in a similar manner he killed others before in the movie, and when he pick the hat Bond immediately shove the electrical code to the gate to turn Oddjob into a Christmas tree.

GoldenEye Tanks Chase

Goldeneye tank chase

GoldenEye was the only movie released after six years, because the disaster of Timothy Dalton’s darkest and one of most underrated movie “License To Kill”. Piece Brosnan preferred to perform the spy character of James Bond after steeping of Timothy Dalton. That’s why producers along with director Martin Campbell decided to something different with the new Bond to.  Bond hijack tank T-55, track down through the Russian streets and destroyed everything. It was quite entertaining and humors scene which able to grasp the attention of audience towards the franchise again.

006 Versus 007

006 vs 007

Last but not the leasst, who can forget the fight between Bond and his senior agent 006, portrayed by Sean Bean. Both young agents are energetic and resourceful with different spy gadgets. This fighting 1.5 minutes fighting scene always consider as one of the best moment of the spy franchise. Where we have seen two Mi6 agent clashing together either with different fighting techniques. This action squeal between them at the end of the movie is just brutal.

How to Wear a Bow Tie

Nothing can separate a man from Bow ties because it is one of the special accessory which make the ultimate panache to your black tie attire. Either you are a teenager who is looking to attend his prom, a groom looking to wear a tuxedo or a waiter wants to complete your look with the bow tie. If you are those guys who is finding how to make them work for you and desperate to discover its different styles than you are at right place indeed. Just like the necktie there are different famous styles to wear a bow tie which we are going to highlight in the later part of our article.

Shapes of Bow Tie:

The Butterfly


It is probably the most famous of bow tie around the globe, which works great for all the occasion because it perfect starting and ending point. The butterfly shape is also known as thistle style; and it is around 2.3 inches which looks good on almost all faces.

Jumbo Butterfly

Jumbo Bow Tie

As the name suggest it has the bigger silhouette and shape than an ordinary bow tie. It is frequently wear with the formal attire including tuxedo. It is must be greater than three inches and looks perfect on men with larger necks and don’t mind looking bit a cheeky.

The Slim Line

The Slim Line Bow Tie

The slim line bow tie style is most stylish and trendiest one also with batwing shape style tie. It has is also popular for its shortest height, it is would be less than two inches and has rectangle shape at its end. The James Bond star Daniel Craig had worn slim line bow tie with his midnight blue tuxedo in Skyfall.

The Diamond Point

The Diamond Point Bow Tie

These types of ties are found quite rarely, they are also slim but there ends edges are pointed as diamond shape not flat unlike batwing bow ties.  If you have confidence to try different things, than diamond point bow tie is a good option.

The Rounded Club

Just like their name, this time of bow ties have elegant round shape neither pointed nor flat shape. They are more than 3 inches and highly acceptable in black tie events.

Types of Bow Tie:

The Self-Tie Bow Tie

Self Tie Bow Tie

It is also known as freestyle, it means that all depends on you that how you want a bow tie to complete your looks. If you don’t know how to pull a tie than just follow these instructions.  First of all drape tie around your neck with one inch more on the left side, than cross the longer side of your tie over the shorter end. Now fold the shorter end at widest part after making the simple knot by wrapping the longer end behind the shorter end. Hold your bow tie in the middle of two fingers and place the longer side of your tie between two wings, after that side around your bow tie and shove it in the loop just at the right back side of your tie.

The Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Pre tied bow tie

The pre tied bow style featured with the knot sewn in its fixed place, it is also has adjustable neck strap allow you to wear it easily and effortlessly. It is not time taking like self-tie , you can wear it in seconds if you are in hurry. But it looks stiff, tight and won’t give your tie a free look. Although it a great starting points that’s why we recommend it for a newbie only

The Clip-on Bow Tie

Clip on bow tie

It is the least convincing style, preferable only for children. It is also have the prettied bow with a metal clip hook directly on the collar of your shirt.

How to Dress According to Body Shape

Dress According your body shape

Most of the guys misunderstood the meaning of dressing well; it doesn’t mean attiring in an expensive suit or wearing a high end accessory with. Dressing well means dressing just as your body type, because even world’s expensive suit won’t make you look good if is not appropriate according to your body type. That’s why here in our article we have tried to cover the areas which will help men with different body shapes to dress as per their looks and measurements;

For Short Men

short man in suit

If you are short height and less than average than fist of all be honest with yourself and instead of trying big loose jackets accept that you are short and prefer buying smaller jackets that fits you compliments. There are many other options to save yourself from looking short rather than wearing loose outfits, you can compliment your looks and size with your accessories. Try to wear most of peak lapel jackets because it won’t make your shoulder look narrow. The second solution is break your pants only half of inch to your shoes, it will help you to get a taller looks. And the last suggestion is that try to wear nice slim tie, dress watch, sunglasses and a hat because this all will allow people to give more attention on your accessories and less on your physique.

But there are some things keep in mind while going out wearing your suit. The first one is that you have to avoid something like giant or vertical line pattern if you want don’t want to look an short person, the second tip is to keep the lower stance buttons of your jacket because it will help you in elongating your stature.

For Taller Man

taller man in suit

The most important tip for taller and slim men that never wear an oversize off the rack suit, although it will make your shoulder comfortable and may be look good but  your overall look will be quite underrate, that’s why our opinion is to go with a bespoke suit because it gives you both a relax looks and feel.  It is not necessary that a taller guy should never wear a two button suit, although he can wear but with the high cut lapel jackets. Just oppose to a short man the pants should break bit largely at your shoes because it makes your long legs look long actually.

There are also some tips for taller guys. You should never wear a completely round shape shoes because it adds discrimination in your personality and break your looks completely. Similarly try to prefer wide ties over slim and wear belts to look like a guy with nice average height.

For Large Men

fat man in suit

Yes even large and heavy men can look good in a suit if he wear it properly. There are some basic rules first a bulky man should follow. Don’t open the button of your jacket until you are not suppose to sit, if you have a large back than you jacket should not feature vents because it will look awkward and make you feel less confident. Wearing a nice pocket square, wide neckties and lapels attract people attraction more towards itself and less to your body shape. The last and the most important that a larger guy should wear his trousers at natural waist so it drape nicely over your belly and give a gentle looks.

For Muscular Men

muscular man in suit

If you are luckily a guy with both good height and built than there aren’t any big issues you have need to deal with. But still you should follow some instruction to take most advantage from your physique. You have a broad chest that’s you need to wear peak lapel or wide ties to make it look big artificially. A nice custom tailored two button suit could be the best option to wear either casually or for your any of special event. To give your jacket a perfect company you need to wear a perfect fitting shirt and slim pattern narrow towards your leg. Now lastly to give a complete looks you need to wear a patent leather shiny long shoes in length but not enough in width.

Bond in Action – Goldfinger



Goldfinger is one of the best early movies of the spy series, it was third installment released 50 years ago.  Till now only one short in two dozens of movies released but still it is one of the best movie of the James Bond franchise, and rightly so because of many reason either it was the original Bond Sean Connery, an iconic car Aston Martin or the very famous scene gold painted Bond girl. The third 007 movie is one its way to complete its half century that’s reason we though to look back and share some memorable moments of the movie.

Movie Cast


One of the reasons of its success is the casting of the character. The movie was featured with many brilliant actors in which the top one of the legendary Sean Connery without a doubt. After playing MI6 agent role flawlessly he got his third chance in this movie again. Honor Blackman portrayed the role of Pussy Galore, lots of criticism was made on the character’s name earlier but after all it is quite popular among all James Bond fans. The German actor Gert Frobe got the opportunity to play Bond villain role in the movie who was obsessed with the gold. The voice of Gert was dubbed by Michael Collins. Shirley Eaton played the second Bond girl role Jill Masterson, who was the secretary of Goldfinger but later was killed and painted with gold by his own boss due to revealing his secrets to the secret agent.  The Korean actor Harold Sakata who was the wrestler, weightlifter, and Olympic silver medalist was chosen to play the secretary of Goldfinger.

What Does Bond Wear

The Gray Three Piece Suit


This Goldfinger suit was the first three piece suit worn by functional character of Sean Connery in the physique of star Sean Connery. He wore this suit during meeting with his enemy Mr. Goldfinger during summer day time. James Bond is a style icon for many of his fans who had worn numerous suits during his career but this gray suit is seems an eye candy for his fans.

White Dinner Suit


You can overlook this piece of clothing if you are a big fan of a white tuxedo. Till now only two  actors spotted playing white tuxedo (Connery and Moore), and it was the first occasion. Connery wore this tuxedo in the opening scene of the movie. It was featured with peak lapel collars which was faced with the jacket wool neither silk nor grosgrain.  It was also featuring one welt two jetted pockets. He compliments his white tuxedo with midnight blue trousers bearing double forward pleats and side adjusters. To add some color Bond wore red carnation on the left lapel buttonhole.

Midnight Blue Tuxedo


Later in the movie Bond attired with another tuxedo this time more traditional one.  After wearing two consecutive midnight blue tuxedo in his previous movies and seeing the response of his movies, he wore navy blue dinner jacket for the third time.  This tuxedo was featuring silk notch lapel collar, other details of his tuxedo is difficult to thrash out since he was doing lunch with M. But he complete his looks with the pocket square which didn’t return till Brosnan movies.

What Does Bond Drive

Sean Connery with Aston Martin DB5

It is nothing  stranger to all 007 wannabees that the most famous James Bond car, Aston Martin DB5 made its first appearance in the third sequel of the series  and it is the highest selling car went on Auction. Its memorable appearance will always be remembered. This DB5 was featured with three revolving number plates registered In three countries including France, United States, Switzerland. The arm rest control was featured near seat to fire, smoke screen, and bullet proof mirrors.

One of the most important feature of this car is  a tire slashers, Bond uses this gadget to destroy Ford Mustang, car of Goldfinger’s secretary Jill Masterson to get close with her and get some information about his boss.

His Drinks


James Bond spotted drinking his favorite Vodka Matini in the opening scene of Goldfinger, just after planting the bomb. We all heard couple Bond’s famous lines in his movies couple of times “A Vodka Martini- Shaken not Stirred” Bond love to drink matins, and Vodka martini is his favorite. Although his first drinks was Vesper Martini in Ian Fleming novel, but when it comes to films Connery drink Vodka martini in Dr. No. Goldfinger was the second movie when Bond ordered his favorite martini. After thrashing   some stats we came to know that he consumed it is the most consumed drink by him, over 20 times in novels.