007 Best James Bond Chase Scenes

You can’t expect James Bond movie without exotic car chase, astonishing stunts, and adventurous chases moments.  In his 23 appearance From Dr. No to Skyfall, the spy agent being involved in over 50 dazzling chases. Today we are going to share top 10 chase scene out of those fifty which we gonna remember for many future years.

The Spy Who Loved Me Ski Chase

The Spy Who Loved Me Ski Chase

Roger Moore got the chance to play 007 role in most spy movies, that’s why he also appeared in many chase scene, but the one we are going to share it quite better than other. Bond after leaving his girlfriend snowy chalet chased by his enemies few minutes later at an Australian Mountain, but Bond finally luckily able to avoid his enemies through jumping at the cliff and saved by parachute, Rick Sylvester was the man who performed this stunt in real.

Live and Let Die Boat Scene

Live and Let Die Boat Scene

Roger Moore made his debut and replaced Sean Connery with a blockbuster movie Live and Let Die. James Bond to keep him save from enemies turned his Glastron GT-150 into helicopter and leaps over two cars and baffled Louisiana sheriff.  This motorboat chase is undeniably one of best Roger Moore’s 007 moments.

The World is Not Enough Boat Chase

The World is Not Enough Boat Chase

The Irish star Pierce Brosnan finally made his appearance in this list with an exceptional chase sequence. James Bond has appeared around five boat stunts out of which this one is truly amazing. This scene is taken from Brosnan’s second outing as Bond where he spotted chasing the villain across the river Thames, most of stunts in the scene was performed by actor himself.

Skyfall Opening Chase Scene

Skyfall Opening Chase Scene

Daniel Craig in his latest appearance again entertained all 007 fans with breathtaking stunts in the opening sequence of the movie. While chasing the bad guy who stolen the MI6 hardware bearing confidential information Bond first uses Land Rover jeep, than Honda CRF250R, and finally jumped on the train to get the hardware back, but unfortunately miss shot by Moneypenny during hand to hand combat between both agents.

Aston Martin DB5 Car Chase

Aston Martin Chase Goldfinger

It is impossible to avoid Aston Martin DB5 special appearance in Goldfinger and Thunderball when talking about best chasing scene of the franchise.  The legendary actor, Sean Connery featured in this flawless scene while playing the character of MI6 secret agent. During this scene Bond showed several gadgets including ejector seat which has the control on missiles. Machine guns, he also uses smokescreen and reversing plates in this particular chase. This chase played a major rule to make DB5 all time favorite car of 007.

Casino Royale Parkour Scene

Casino Royale Parkour Scene

Daniel Craig in his debuted movie showed the dark side and physical power of Bond, firstly in attempting two murders to get 00 status and then spotted chasing a bad guy at construction area. It was the Craig’s first ever chase, that’s why he didn’t he performed this dangerous act himself. While chasing a bad guy he jumped over 200 feet from crane to crane. This scene helped him to make household name in the franchise.

The Spy Who Loved Me Submarine

Lotus Espirt Car Chase

This Lotus Espirt car chase is probably better than anyone else mentioned here in this list. It is the only submarine chase in the history of Bond and took almost 8.00 minutes which is a treat to watch. Roger Moore played the character of secret agent James Bond who was chase by his enemies through cars, bikes, and helicopters. Bond after spending couple of minutes in protecting himself from several attacks, finally decided to jump his car into the river, his car then suddenly transformed into submarine and showed their gadget including air missiles, bombs, and many other weapons which make him able to emerge save from river.

10 Best Places to Wear a Suit

An impeccably tailored suit definitely gives you assistance to nail your looks in any of your special event, from attending various religious ceremonies to important business gatherings. It is one of the most important attire for men; every guy has at least one good suit in his wardrobe because it certainly helps him to make his appearance extraordinary in several different occasions.  Here in this article we have listed 10 best places any guy can put a suit to show the confident side of his personality.

At Job Interviews

interview suits

It is always recommendable that a guy should wear a suit in his any job interview rather than than dressing according to the culture of the organization, because it is the safest option always. The main reason behind wearing it is to make a strong impact on your future employer and show him that you have taken this meeting quite seriously.

At Wedding

wedding suits

Wedding is the most important day of your life, all eyes will definitely going to be stuck on you. You have to dress well, and suit is undoubtedly one of the best attire a can don in his wedding. You can also match the accessories of your suit including tie, pocket, square, and Boutonnière with your bride to grasp the attentions of all people.

At Prom

Prom suits

Suit is usually consider as the second most formal attire after tuxedo to wear in Prom parties, but most of the people prefer it to wear a suit as a safe option. Prom is one of the best events when young desperate teenagers wears and shop the suit for the very first time.

Business Meetings

Bussiness Meeting Suits

So if you are going in important business meeting or going to show any presentation then it quite important for you to nicely prepared, not only in terms of your presentation but also in terms of your looks and appearance. And wearing a suit could be the best option to show you are confident with both of your dress up and body language.

Formal Gatherings

suit at formal gatherings

If you got a chance to attend the formal parties of your business and spend a time with your senior management level persons, then the first reason to wear a suit is to impress them at your first glance with the liberty of your dress up.  The second and the most important reason of wearing a suit is that since it is a formal gathering that’s why you are supposed to wear a nice formal attire

At First Date


Most of men think that it is a least good option to wear a suit at their first date, although it is a great opportunity for them to make solid impact to his suitor from his unique style statement. But you have to make sure that you are not wearing a similar kind of suit you usually wear at office, try to putt on something trendy. A single button suit is the trendiest option which can do well

In Restaurants


Now a days many high end restaurant is now maintaining a rule of being properly dressed, which must have to follow to get enter into the place. The reason might be to maintain the nice and formal environment around the restaurant, you can attired in a elegant suit to look standout and prominent

Religious Ceremonies

suit in religious ceremonies

A man can always get a good and decent looks in his religious ceremonies also through wearing a suit. We recommend you to don a suit in church if there is no excuse of certain special dresses because it gives you traditional and conservative looks.

At Cultural Events

Spotlight Theater

Wearing a suit at the cultural event of art and museum is rather a good option too, because it is something a semi-formal environment around but you can’t go out with a casual t-shirt pair with jeans, it make you feel and look awkward at the same time. That’s why donning a formal two or three button suit is safe option for cultural events too

On an Airplane

Suit on airplanes

Nobody knows you in the airplane but still you can build your good reputation and image if you are dress appropriately. Wearing a suit make you look like a gentleman which can also help you to get treated better with the people, and people sitting around you also feel better and comfortable

White tie vs. black tie

white tie vs black tie

The events like white tie and black tie are generally known as the most formal event a guy can attend. It is not a rare case if you have invited for a black tie but if you have already invited or just going to attend a white tie event than you should consider yourself a lucky man indeed.  The one thing you can say common in both of this formal gathering is that the dress code is mentioned on the invitation but there is quite different from each other. Today we are going to highlight big difference between both white tie and black tie kit.


In white tie you must wear a tailcoat which is also termed as dress coat. Unlike the jacket of the tuxedo the features of tailcoat should be placed according to the tradition. The jacket color could either black or midnight blue, it should feature a double breasted front but you are instructed not to fasten anyone of them. While in tuxedo jacket the preference of colors are still same black and midnight blue, it can be either single breasted or double breasted which ever you choose the thing you kept in mind that button in this coat should be buttoned appropriately. The one most unique thing you can easily see in tailcoat is that the front part of the coat is retain equal or just short to the shirt, and the back of jacket should be longer than any ordinary jacket equal to your knees.  The jacket of your tuxedo is as simple as the jacket of your suit, it has balanced length from both its front and back part.


There is also quite a bit difference between the trousers of both these attires, because tailcoat feature a higher rise as we already highlighted that’s why it is important to wear a high waistline trousers. The trousers can have both flat and pleated front but it is recommendable to wear a pleated one to get a conservative style. There are not any rule to wear belts with formal pants, that’s why it is important that both kind of trousers should cut with proper fit and feature adjusted waist belt. The one major and good detail you can only in tuxedo trousers is that they feature a silk stripe down the each leg. The common thing between both of them which we like to share here is that they are made with the same fabric of their jacket.

Waist covering

If you are going to wear a vest with your white tie kit, than you should know the difference between it any other ordinary one.  Its vest should made with white pique cotton which should feature white satin lapel with a deep V shape. But there are certain rules to wear it properly, your waist should be long enough to cover the some part of your trousers belt but at the same time it should not visible down to your dress coat. While in black tie attire you can wear a cummerbund or waist made with the black fabric, if you are wearing a vest with your tuxedo than keep in mind that it should not bear a deep shape as like the white vest.


In both black tie and white you should putt on a proper white shirt, but still there are some dissimilarity. With a dinner suit you should wear a shirt which features a pleated and placket front, but it is not necessary in white tie. You can wear a plane shirt under your tailcoat which is usually made with broadcloth fabric instead pf any common one.


Bow Tie

A bow tie is ultimately the best accessory for both types of dresses. Now this is the only area where you should not find any confusion, as the name suggest in white tie should wear a white color bow tie made with the similar fabric of vest, and in black tie event you are supposed to wear a black bow tie made silk.


In both places your shoes should be nicely polished and made with patent leather to get high appealing looks.


In white tie you have additional option to wear a black hat to add color and give compliment your personality whereas in semi-formal event you must not make a mistake to wear accessories like hat.

Best 007 Moments of James Bond

The functional character of spy James Bond created by Navy officer Ian Fleming. Most of us grown up seeing one after another adventurous 007 movies, inspiring from his fashion and style statement, and desiring for the luxurious car and gorgeous women he always gets. It is nothing stranger to all of us that James Bond spy franchise is the longest running movie series ever in with the addition of 23 films. We love all his films since Dr. No to Skyfall, but in actual there are some special moments we have love and already watched couple of times. Today we bring some of those fascinating scenes we all love and gonna remember for many years! The

Introduction of Daniel Craig – Casino Royale


After the disaster in Pierce Brosnan last appearance with some goofy ideas and gadgets, the Bond franchise really needs fresh look to sustain the attention of all spectators. Daniel Craig made his debut as Bond in Casino Royale, where he spotted in cold black and white scene killing Dryden’s contact and Fisher to get his 00-status.

Tank Chase – GoldenEye

GoldenEye Tank Chase

GoldenEye is the first and probably the best 007 movie for the Irish star Pierce Brosnan. We have many of the memories from the film and fantastic video game based on the same title. We haven’t seen any Bond movie without stunning chase and dazzling stunts, but this tank chase is unique and special than others especially for Brosnan, because it leads him to become the actor with the maximum kills of enemies.

The Orient Express Fight – From Russia with Love

The orient Express fight

Bond usually uses his spy gadgets to take over his enemies but this is not one of them. It is the fight that set the standard of his fighting skills for next movies of the series. In the second Bond movie “From Russia With Love” SPECTRE planned to kill Britain’s with the hand of another disrespect agent who has already killed couple of people in the movie. After having some brutal hand to hand combat, Bond finnaly able to beat him with his own watch garrote.

The First Appearance of James Bond – Dr. No

Sean Connery in Dr. No

The all-time favorite spy agent introduces his since 52 years ago in Dr. No, but still it is consider as one of the best moment of Bond history. Sean Connery played the Bond at first spotted wearing tuxedo, playing card, lighting his cigarette and uttering those famous words “Bond James Bond” for the very first time.

Honey Rider Coming out from Sea – Dr. No

Honey Rider jamaica

The Bond girls are undoubtedly vital element of James Bond films, but no 007 woman can compete Honey Rider gorgeous looks and appearance when he spotted emerging out from Jamaica river in his super-hot white bikini. To give Ursula Andres a great tribute another glamorous actress Halle Berry replicate this scene in Die Another Day.

Auric Goldfinger Laser Scene – Goldfinger

Goldfinger (1964)

Taken from one of sensational and timeless 007 movie Goldfinger where we have seen Bond strapped to the table underneath a laser that will slice both the table and Bond. We have rarely scene Bond in a real trouble since now, only few of his enemies able to put him in trouble out of which the name of Auric Goldfinger is one the top.

Aston Martin Car Chase

The most famous and popular car of James Bond, Aston Martin DB5 car chase is the top moment of the franchise in terms of all grounds without a doubt. Sean Connery while playing the character of secret agent used almost all spy gadgets featured in car during the movie. First he uses tire slathers to destroy Jill Masterson car, and then showed its more features including air missiles, bullet proof mirrors, in the exotic car chase scene.

How to Dress For Wedding

how to dress for wedding

Wedding is the most important day of life because all eyes going to be stuck on you.  There are several important decisions you have to take on this, but the decision of what to wear in your wedding can be daunting one.  There are many options for a guy to wear and the decision mainly depends on season, trend, and fashion. Today here in this guide we are going to share different attires a man can likely putt on for his wedding.

A Tailored Tuxedo

wedding tuxedo

A tailored tuxedo is not only the famous attire but could be the best option to wear for wedding. The reason is because black tie wedding are getting more and more popular US from last five decades. It is the best option for city wedding but keep in mind that you should not wear a dinner suit in beach wedding. There are certain things you should kept in mind, it looks good only when you wear it in a traditional way. Wedding is one of most formal event of your life that’s why it is important to stick with the tradition and don’t experiment too many things at the same time.

A formal Suit

wedding suit


A dapper formal suit is the second best option for wedding after tuxedo. There are many options available for you in a suit itself; you can wear a conservative double breasted suit, a nice tailored two-button suit, or the stylish single breasted suit. Anything you choose should be dressed in a proper and formal way, black or dark color suit including grey or blue is the great alternative of tuxedo.

A Casual Suit

wedding casual suit

Most of the guy decides to go with casual outfit usually for beach wedding, and when it comes to casual attire a light weight linen suit is the ultimate choice for a beach wedding, In formal city wedding you are suppose to putt on dark color suits but here there are not as such restriction even donning a suit with light colors including off white and brown could do well for you.

Selection of Shirt

wedding shirt

Shirt plays a great role in complimenting your suit. If you are wearing a tuxedo than a nice placket or pleated shirt with the mother of pearl instead of button is the best option. But with the suit your shirt should be plane, crispy with spread collar. A white color shirt is highly recommendable either you are wearing a tuxedo or suit

Go With Right Accessories

suit accessories

Accessories mainly depend upon type of wearer you have decided to putt on. A tie is the most important part of your accessories without a doubt, although you have to consider its color and pattern according to your suit. But other accessories like pockets square, tie clips, cufflinks, and watch add class and in your personality. It is highly recommendable that you have to wear dark brown or black shoes with your suit, but if you are going with casual wedding than you can also wear lightweight brown shoes, it is good to wear waterproof shoes at beach so you can prevent from water and sand.