Bond in Action – Dr. No

Sean Connery as James Bond

The fictional character of super spy James Bond has been created by former navy officer and author Ian Fleming, his character was first adapted in radio and different TV series but after the great response of people towards the secret agent character it was finally inspired in movies by EON production.  The MI6 secret Bond presented to us of us in 1962 with the debuted movie of longest running franchise “Dr. No” former Mr. Universe sir Sean Connery, after portraying the role of secret agent at his best the Scottish actor got an opportunity to play 007 in later five movies too. Dr. No get many positive critics and commercial success, this movie paved the way for coming spy movies of the series. If you are one of the biggest fan of 007 then stay with us, here is the rundown of Bond’s first ever appearance to audience.

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British Actors

There is a big debate going on days these days that who is the greatest British hero of all time. From the super-hit TV series to the biggest movie franchises, we have seen many fantastic performances.  Especially from the past recent years Britain’s has dominated in all forms including action, entertainment, and supernatural powers. After seeing interest of fans in finding the biggest British hero ever, we have decided to list some top notch characters of Britain’s and let people decide who is best!

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Bond 24 Updates – Cast, Locations, Theme Song and Release Date

bond 24 updates

The former WWE star Dave Bautista is consider to play villain role in Bond 24, according to the reports the animal is cast as new henchman following Jaws and Oddjob.  The character was named Hinx couple of months before and according to the casting call the character is over 6 foot inch with good physique, casting team already stated that they were looking for formal sports man who will do few stunts along and hand to hand combat with Bond. The powerhouse Dave Bautista fix in this description perfectly.

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10 Steps of How to Take Care of a Men’s Suits

how to takecare a suit

Suit as one of the most important attire of your closet needs great attention and care.  It is also one the expensive part of your wardrobe that’s why you must want to turn into your true investment rather than falling apart. But to get a long life from your each suit only you need to care about it regularly, because a well cared suit can live for generations. Believe us it is not as tough as you are thinking, all you only need to follow few rules we are going to share here regularly and efficiently to make your suit compliment your looks for many future years.

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Lea Seydoux – Bond Girl for Bond 24

léa Seydoux as Bond Girl

Finally the wait comes to an end, it is confirmed that the French actress Léa Seydoux will join the other superstars including Daniel Craig (as James Bond), Ralph Fiennes (as M), Ben Whishaw (as Quartermaster), and Naomie Harris (as Eve Moneypenny) reportedly after six weeks for shooting of Bond 24.  The Daily Mail reports that he has been cast as the Female Fatale, although it is not sure until now that she will play lead Bond girl role or not but she will definitely play a prominent role in the next 007 flick.

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