The Vodka Martini Will Return in Spectre

Vodka Martini in Spectre

It is less than a fortnightly when the director Sam Mendes officially revealed the cast members, car, and title of the movie, he also made some important announcement of the film. Since then we are hearing different news regarding the next Bond’s flick including movie cast roles, theme song, and new adventures. But it will be nothing less than a Christmas gift for all 007 fans after knowing that classic Bond drink Vodka Martini is all set to make its appearance in Spectre.

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Bond 24 News: Jesper Christensen’s Mr. White To Return in SPECTRE

Mr White back in Spectre

The title, cast members, and all other secrets of upcoming 007 movie “SPECTRE’ revealed by filmmaker Sam Mendes with director Barbara broccoli live from Pinewood studios, London.  The announcement of next James Bond movie has shutter several rumors going around regarding cast members. All celebrities join and promote the press conference of Spectre, except one. He is none other than Jesper Christensen who played the character of Mr. White in Daniel Craig’s first two 007 movies including blockbuster Casino Royale, and underrated Quantum of Solace.

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Bond 24 News: James Bond New Movie “SPECTRE” Budget over $300 Million

Day 1

As we all knows that the latest 007 flick “Skyfall” is biggest grossing film of the longest running franchise. But somehow it was the second costly movie of the series which is made on the budget of $200m. It would surprise all Bond fans after knowing that one of the low rated 007 movie Quantum of Solace is highest budgeted movie which cost 230m. However there is certain news going around that new James Bond movie going to be the most costliest and expensive movie made by the franchise.  According to the hacked emailed of Sony Production it is revealed that SPECTRE will be made around the budget of $300m.

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Bond 24 News: ‘Spectre will be everything you would expect from a Bond movie’ – Sam Mendes


There is lots of hype around regarding the next Bond flick “SPECTRE” on the social media after the press conference at Pinewood studios, London especially hosted by Oscar nominated director Sam Mendes along with the producer Barbara Broccoli who is in the production work since last eleven 007 movies in which he revealed title, cast members, and Bond’s new ride.

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007 Things You Should Know About Bond 24 – SPECTRE

Bond 24 cast

As the director Sam Mendes along with producer Barbara Broccoli revealed title, cars , and cast of next James Bond movie, they were speaking from Pinewood studio London at the time of disclosing all secrets regarding Bond 24.  After the mainstream success of recent movie of the franchise Skyfall, all fans are quite excited for the release of the movie which is going to hit the  theaters on 6th November globally. Here in this blog we are going to share all thing you should know about next Bond film.

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