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11 Midnight Blue Tuxedos Worn by James Bond

James Bond the best spy agent also known as an iconic male fashion god around the globe. Any of 007 knows how snappy and killer dresser he is, particularly when it comes to formal attire. Beside his regular activities Mi6 agent is an inspiration to us for his tuxedo, trends come and go, but he always remains the best dressed man and make sure to never follow any trend but let others to follow him. Interestingly out of his 30+ tuxedo Bond wore out his blue fabric tuxedo, probably more than 45 percent. This really shows how color matters for 007 and importance of midnight blue in any of formal clothing. If you do really want to know about his each midnight blue tuxedo stay connected with us, because we are going to share all the information for what you have come here!

First Ever Bond Tuxedo:


The legendary Sean Connery introduced all of us as Mi6 agent James Bond while putting on this tuxedo and playing his favorite card game Texas Hold ‘Em in the opening scene of Dr. No. This impeccable bespoke dinner suit features shawl lapel color which was trimmed with midnight blue satin silk, the jacket is bearing a single horn button on front along with four buttons on gauntlet cuffs, it has one welt pocket one chest and two jetted ones on the waist length. Connery did not prefer to wear a cummerbund underneath the jacket. Trousers comprising the flat front with the strap down the each leg with similar midnight blue tuxedo, his pants also having two slant side pockets. This premier Bond dinner suit will always be remembered for its classic and ever dated looks.

From Russia with Love Tuxedo:


Sean Connery after his brilliant performance in the first entry of the series Dr. No return again for No. 2 Bond film  “From Russia With Love” where he spotted with probably the same tuxedo he did wear previously. This second Bond tuxedo is featuring shawl lapel collar, single button front closure, one chest two waist pockets, and without any waist covering again. Although to give Bond an updated looks few of changes have been made in his dinner suit, for instance the shawl collar is bit narrower, double reverse pleats has been introduced to Connery pants according to 60’s style dressing.

Connerys’s Thunderball Dinner Suit


After taking a break in Goldfinger, James Bond (Sean Connery) again comes up with the midnight blue fabric suit when he was sent to the Bahamas for his mission. Out of his four spy movies Sean Connery wore out midnight blue tuxedo thrice and each time he wore it better than earlier. This Thunderball tuxedo is bearing the all similar features like previous ones. The jacket has shawl collar, with single button cover with horn in front along with only two buttons at gauntlet cuffs this time.  Interestingly, this is the last shawl lapel tuxedo Bond worn until the debut of Timothy Dalton. This timeless classic Thunderball dinner suit has been sold at Bonham for $53,760

George Lezenby Dinner Suit:


Australian star George Lezenby starred in only single 007 movie, but he makes sure to wear out some ridiculously good looking suits in it, and this idyllic blue suit is on the top of  those suits.  This recognizable Lezenby dinner suit featured with a peak lapel collar with single button on front and three buttons at each sleeve cut, this traditional tuxedo also having one chest pocket two jetted ones at waist size. His pants bearing flat front with single stripe down the leg. George Lezenby did wear this tuxedo suit three times in the movie with two different ruffled-front shirts.

The Spy Who Loved Double Breasted Tuxedo


The Legendary actor Roger Moore played James Bond most. Interestingly, in his seven spy movies Moore starred with midnight blue dinner suit only twice. Bond wore out this tuxedo to dinner with an Egyptian club; this is the day when he hunts Jaws into the desert. This classic version of double breasted suit bearing wide peak lapel collar and has six front buttons in which only two buttons can be b buttoned, it does have three buttons on sleeves cut, one welt pocket with two jetted pockets. Bond also uses black satin cummerbund underneath the jacket. His pants are featuring two side pockets and low rise with flared bottoms.

A View To Kill Tuxedo Suit:


As we mentioned above that Roger Moore has worn only two midnight blue tuxedos in his spy journey and interestingly, both of them are double breasted according to 80’s style. Roger Moore wore out this dinner suit in his last 007 movie in a memorable Eiffel tower scene. The double breasted jacket was bearing five buttons on the front in which only one button can be fastened; it has two jetted pockets and four buttons on cuffs with the addition of double rear vents. Bond has worn white pleated shirt featuring mother of pearl buttons underneath the placket and has rounded corner double cuffs. His trousers have two side pockets and a satin stripe down to each leg.

Tomorrow Never Dies Three Piece Tuxedo:


Bond favorite color fabric finally returns after five movies in Tomorrow Never Dies, but it was totally different than all previous tuxedos worn by 007, the first ever tuxedo in which Bond wore out double breasted vest underneath the jacket, that shows sophistication and elegance of his killing style. TND tuxedo featuring peak lapel midnight blue lapel, the jacket has a single button which Bond prefers to stay unbutton to show his exquisite vest, it is also featuring one welt along with two jetted pockets and four buttons at cuffs. As mentioned earlier Brosnan put on vintage style vest underneath his jacket having grosgrain lapels with five front buttons and two jetted pockets, the perfectly V shape vest is constructed with the similar fabric. His rational style trouser comprising double reverse pleats and side tab adjusters obviously!

The World is Not Enough Dinner Suit:


Star Pierce Brosnan preferred to go with traditional tuxedo this time in The World is Not Enough after wearing extremely modern tuxedo in his previous 007 movie. The jacket lapel, buttons covering, and pockets are trimmed with midnight blue silk. More importantly the bow tie and cummerbund did Brosnan wear is also made with midnight blue fabric. This Brosnan dinner suit is made with mohair fabric to give for giving it more formal looks. The jacket was bearing notch lapel collar with single button front closure and four buttons on each sleeve cut. It also has one welt pocket with two straight jetted pockets. Brosnan pants are blessed up with flat front and remaining other features are same including hook closure, two side pockets, side adjusters with tap buttons.

Brosnan’s Die Another Day Tuxedo:


Bond spotted putting on this midnight blue traditional attire in swank ice hotel, which is featuring all same features including notch lapel, single button at the front and four at cuffs, one chest two jetted pockets. Although some changes has been made for this cocktail party for instance jacket lapels and buttons are covered with grosgrain silk. More importantly, this is the first time Brosnan’s Bond went without waist covering. He has worn waist in GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies underneath the jacket and cummerbund in The World is Not Enough but this time he decided not to do any waist layer which is something Bond often does.

Quantum of Solace Tuxedo:


Daniel Craig Quantum of Solace tuxedo gives tribute to the first installment of the franchise Dr. No and the original Bond Sean Connery through taking inspiration from Bond premier dinner suit. Finally Bond spotted wearing a shawl lapel tuxedo since The Day Living Day Lights. Since Craig tuxedo is the step up from Connery’s that’s why both of them probably having the similar features including shawl lapel, gauntlet cuffs, jetted pockets and rear vents. Slightly additions have been made to Bond outfit, he wore out satin cummerbund by not repeating mistake what he did in Dr. No, Bond wore reverse pleats according to early 60’s style but Craig trousers are bearing flat front with low rise. Small differences between both of them are buttonhole on the left lapel has been introduced with five buttons at gauntlet cuffs instead of four.

James Bond Skyfall Tuxedo:


Here it is, the latest outfit form James Bond’s wardrobe “Skyfall Midnight Blue Tuxedo” superstar Daniel Craig wore out in the recent installment of the franchise. This is the second consecutive Shawl lapel and midnight blue tuxedo Craig worn after wearing peak lapel dinner suit in his debut 007 movie Casino Royale.  Bond discloses his latest evening parry kit in the casino, this time in Macau. This Bond tuxedo was looking dark not only in casino lighting, but in Daylight too. The jacket features black satin shawl lapel collar, with satin silk single front button and three functional buttons on cuffs, also having one chest pocket with two jetted pockets trimmed with silk, to make it a special Tom Ford has introduced only a single rear vent the only one dinner jacket appears with a single vent in the history of the franchise. Craig has worn cotton shirt and silk cummerbund underside the jacket. His trousers were held up with both suspenders and side tab adjusters, his trousers also featuring two side pockets, flat front, low rise, and lastly satin stripe.

This really shows how Bond is close with midnight blue color, up till Connery and Brosnan has worn three midnight blue tuxedo out of their six and four movies respectively, and Craig spotted with two navy blue dinner suit already in his three spy movies.  Daniel Craig is signed for two more 007 movies and we have to see that whether he will able make another unique record of wearing most midnight blue tuxedos or not.


Sean Connery – The First Ever Bond

bond1_003Here we are talking about the first Bond Sir Sean Connery who was selected to perform fictional character of a spy agent of Ian Fleming’s novel. He was born on Aug. 25, 1930 in Edinburgh, Scotland, he was a hard worker and at the age of 13 he delivers the milk before going to school. In 1946, he decided to join Royal Navy for 12 years but then enforced to leave due to stomach ulcers problems. After Coming from the navy he worked as a driver, laborer, and artist’s model. He was also a solid footballer, and at the age of 23 he had to choose his profession either as a footballer or an actor and due to his interest he favored to be an actor.e first Bond Sir Sean Connery who was selected to perform fictional character of a spy agent of Ian Fleming’s novel. He was born on Aug. 25, 1930 in Edinburgh, Scotland, he was a hard worker and at the age of 13 he delivers the milk before going to school. In 1946, he decided to join Royal Navy for 12 years but then enforced to leave due to stomach ulcers problems. After Coming from the navy he worked as a driver, laborer, and artist’s model. He was also a solid footballer, and at the age of 23 he had to choose his profession either as a footballer or an actor and due to his interest he favored to be an actor.

Connery spotted in many films and television series including No Road Back, Anna Karenina, Macbeth, Another time, Another Place, The Frightened City and The Longest Day, after performing the key role in all of these he performed his best known role the James Bond, he played unique and violent character of Bond 007 quite well and made his impact on viewers. Overall six actors were introduce till now as James Bond but Sir Connery has its own respect and he also portrayed majority Bond movies (seven movies).

We are giving tribute Sir Connery by discussing his role in all of his Bond movies.


Dr. No: (1962)

In the movie, he performed the role of top agent who is send to Jamacia to solve an interesting mission of a mysterious murder of his fellow agent. Do. No was not the first novel of Ian Fleming it was Casino Royale but director took some connection in the movie from it. The movie was made in low budget $1.1 million, but it achieved great success which leads it to be the longest running franchise in cinema history (more than 50 years). It was directed by Terence Young. Due to the great story direction and tremendous work by Sean Connery film attain great financial success it generate more than $59.5 worldwide which was the great achievement. 

From Russia with Love: (1963)

After the success of Dr. No, Eon Production also made the second James Bond by doubling the budget than the previous movie. In this film, Bond was assign to find Russian decoding machine called Lektor earlier than evil SPECTRE organization. The film was directed on the base of Ian Fleming’s same name novel of the year 1957. Directed by Terence Young the movie hit cinema on October 1963, after beating the record of Dr. No it earn more than $78 million in world box office.

Gold Finger: (1964)

We are talking about the third Bond film and star Sean Connery too. It was the first film to achieve an Academy Award. This time again the budget of the film increases and its financial success too film generate more than $124.9 million worldwide. The film based on the Ian Fleming’s novel and new director Guy Hamilton was introduced in this film. In this film Bond again assist on a mission to save the world by finding Auric Goldfinger before it discover to Fort Knox because they were planning to obliterate the world economy by misusing this Goldfinger.

Thunderball: (1965)

This is the fourth film in Bond history and for Connery in which he as Bond assist on a mission to get two Nato atomic which has the value of £100 millions in diamond, they were stolen by Spectire and Bond was ordered to catch them without destroying any city in England or US. This is the first film shoot in widescreen. This film also based on Fleming’s same name novel and Terence Young return as a director in the film. It earned more than $141.2 by exceeding all earnings of previous three films.

You Only Live Twice: (1967)

Fifth James Bond and star Connery film as MI6 agent, yeah the film has the same name of Fleming spy novel but this time it is hardly based on its story, they made an entirely new story after getting some characters and ideas from the book. After the release of the film, it was announced that Sean Connery is retiring from the role of James bond, but he came back after On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The film budget is more than all previous films $10.1 million it achieved financial success and positive reviews but it manage to generate only $101 million less than his previous two films.

Diamonds Are Forever: (1971)

In this film Bond has to stop and catch diamond smugglers & stall Blofeld; whose plan was to destroy Washington Dc. For that reason,  he changed his looks and identity as Peter Franks and defeated his enemies after joining them as a smuggler. Connery made his comeback in the film it was his sixth and overall seventh Bond film. The film based on the same name of Fleming spy novel, it was produced by Harry Saltzman, Albert R. Broccoli and Guy Hamilton second chance to direct Bond Film.

Never Say Never Again: (1983)

Sir Connery returned after 12 years for his last Bond movie, Bond’s mission was to get Tomahawk cruise missiles back and to kill Stavro Blofeld It was based on Fleming’s novel  Thunderball which was earlier adapted in 1965 too. Due to the majority of Bond films Eon Production did not produce the film It was produced by an Independent company and Kevin McClory (original writer of Thunderball movie with Ian Fleming and Jack Whittingha) was also the member of that company. Film budget was more than all movies and the result was same too it got commercial success and generated more than $160 at the worldwide box office.